Welcome to the Lincoln University (MO) Atlanta Alumni Chapter’s Website.

As chapter President, I extend this invitation to everyone to take this opportunity to review our website and discover how you, too, can make a difference by supporting our chapter and our beloved alma mater, Lincoln University of Missouri.

The mission of the Lincoln University (MO) Atlanta Alumni Chapter, Inc. shall be to work to support, and sustain the heritage of Lincoln University of Missouri, and the National Alumni Association by identifying Georgia residents who are qualified to attend the university, as well as raise funds to support their attendance, and for the betterment of our alma mater as whole.

To achieve our mission, we need your time, support, and treasures.  Therefore, explore our website, activate your membership, mark your calendar for meeting dates and scheduled events, and join us in the effort to sustain our heritage and legacy as members and supporters of our chapter and the university.

Dr. Sherman Bonds    
Lincoln University (MO) Atlanta Alumni Chapter President
Class of 1980

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May 30 - June 3 2018

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